The xx - Chained (John Talabot & Pional Blinded Remix)

John Talabot and Pional turn in a respectful rework of the 'Coexist' cut that owes itself to a Mike Skinner classic.

With their remix of Chained, the most recent cut to see a release from The xx’s ‘Coexist’, John Talabot and Pional beef up their source material in a very respectful manner. The remix takes place very much in the same world as ‘ƒIN’, Talabot’s solid debut album released earlier this year, with the duo adding a slow and shuffling house beat underneath The xx’s original and utilising a chord progression heavily indebted to The Streets’ classic Blinded By The Lights (hence the use of the word ‘blinded’ in the track title, obviously). Although it’s far from a dramatic transformation, it’s hard not to appreciate the track’s quiet blissfulness.

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