Smith Westerns - End Of The Night (Peaking Lights Remix) [mp3]

Download an uplifting, heavy and grainy rework by Wisconsin psychedelic duo Peaking Lights.

Domino offshoot Weird World’s newest signing Peaking Lights (Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis) just dropped a remix of glam revivalists Smith Westerns’s End Of The Night. This husband-wife group from Wisconsin make psychedelic, reggae, dub music, and they’re no doubt one of the most interesting artists at the moment. Sometimes you just need a record or a song that will, you know, make you trip. This is it. Peaking Lights’s grainy, blunted, heavy rework is glorious, uplifting and beautiful. Its floaty chantings and tranced vibrations will totally psyche you out. You should really download this song right now.

Smith Westerns – End of the Night (Peaking Lights Remix) by DummyMag

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