Short Stories - Let It Go

Koreless and Sampha unleash the first single from their new collaborative venture onto the world.

Following a recent Boiler Room session, Koreless and Sampha, under the guise of Short Stories, are ready to release their first piece of recorded music into the great wide world.

Let It Go will be released by Young Turks on January 28th, and was recorded over two days in the same studio that became the writing room for The xx’s new album, where the duo apparently utilised “a vast array of synths, drum machines and other instruments, exploring a new sonic palette and learning about each other’s process for creating music”, according to Juno Plus. To describe Let It Go as “exploring a new sonic palette” might seem a bit dubious, admittedly – everything from its synth stabs to the drum machines to the chopping of the vocal has been heard plenty of times before – but few others pull it off as smoothly and tastefully as this.

Young Turks will release ‘Let It Go’ on 28th January.

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