Semtek - Semtek 2012 [LP download]

Nab a free download of this collection of recent cuts from the Don't Be Afraid label boss.

Clearly aware how easy it can be for these things to slip through the cracks, UK house maverick Benjamin Semtek has picked out some of his vinyl-only and unreleased material from 2012 to share an LP’s worth of free music. It’s a sturdy reflection of the London-based producer’s recent output: ranging from the slick grooves of his ‘Couer De Lyon/Beaufort’ 12” release for Andy Blake’s In Plain Slight label, to the grandiose reaches of Allen Ginsberg-sampling – and randomly titled – odyssey Tacos For Dinner on World Unknown. These sit alongside unreleased tracks such as AFTUM and Tower, whose raw intensity will no doubt feel familiar to those who heard his hour-long mix of gloriously rough-and-ready house he put together for Dummy last summer.

It sounds like Benjamin has got a busy year lined up for Don’t Be Afraid, with 12” releases planned from Mr. Beatnick and MGUN among others, as well as the first Semtek album expected to surface later in 2013. Stream the whole thing below, or follow the link for the .zip file.

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