Rudi Zygadlo - Banana Tree feat. YADi

The atmospherics of the Berlin-based producer blossom on this bustling collaboration.

When Ruth Saxelby interviewed Rudi Zygadlo back in September, one thing that rang through was the sense of his unbound aesthetic – one that can reach out to explore romantic pastoralism, while simultaneously being “rooted in modern day mishaps and struggles.”

Apparently this hook up with London vocalist YADi was penned a while back, but has only just surfaced. At times, Rudi’s recently released second album ‘Tragicomedies’ flirted with using voice manipulation to feminise his delivery, so working with a female vocalist feels like a logical step. And YADi is an ideal candidate: with her explosive expression having been displayed on the overflowing emotions of cuts like Sahara Heart. Banana Trees glides along with open-eyed theatricality – with both artists carrying an air of age-old sprightliness in their step.

Planet Mu released Rudi Zygadlo’s ‘Tragicomedies’ on the 24th September, and Warner Music released YADi’s ‘Guillotine’ EP on the 13th April

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