Premiere: Tamara Saul - Neon Colors

A snapshot of summer living and loving from Croatian R&B artist on the ascent.

Meet Tamara Saul, a fresh new R&B artist from Zagreb, Croatia. There’s a little of Kelly Rowland’s flex to her voice and Neon Colors, from her debut EP ‘Neon Nights’, has the light, elastic beats of early Warp hip hop act Nightmares On Wax. It’s a beaut but careful though, it’s the kind of song that’ll have you pining for summer nights.

Saul started writing songs when she was 15 but it wasn’t until a trip to Paris in 2011 when she met producer Mister Bibal that things started to take off. ‘Neon Nights’ was written by Saul and produced by Bibal, and will be released on 31st January 2013. When we chatted over email I asked Saul where music started for her: “I remember getting a synthesizer when I was like 5 and later, when I learned notes, playing it to this notebook it came with: Michael Jackson’s hits. I really loved MJ. In fact, I remember certain days in my life along with the music that I heard back then. My grandparents were refugees from Bosnia, and at the time they came to stay with us, it was Black or White that was blasting out on the radio,” she explains. “I can also highlight this moment: hearing Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. for the first time. I remember it was a very, very hot and sunny day. And that song was sooo inspiring, had such a universal message. Later, Nas had that kind of impact on me with Made You Look. And that’s why I’m making music – I want to remember certain feelings in my life, certain days. Life is about memories and that’s what I’m creating with my music. My memories.”

Trueflav Records will release Tamara Saul’s debut EP ‘Neon Nights’ on 31st Jan 2013.

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