Premiere: Soosh - For You (Dam Mantle Remix)

The Glaswegian producer takes Soosh's original deeper underground in this captivatingly cavernous rework.

Scottish producer Soosh, who recently made us a lovely and very Dummy Dummy Mix, released his ambient-leaning debut album ‘Colour Is Breathe’ [Error Broadcast] in February. It’s since been rework by a whole host of good folk including DELS and Eli-T, Slugabed and fellow Glasgow man Dam Mantle, whose remix we’re thrilled to share today. Dam Mantle’s take on For You is a subterranean one, reaching deep into a cavernous interior world as rain-like patterns patter down on the edge of the song’s melody.

Error Broadcast release ‘Colour Is Breathe Remixes’ on 22nd April 2013 (pre-order).

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