Premiere: Sima Kim - VTF

An ominous, progressive new single from the South Korean producer.

Sima Kim

Enigmatic talent, Sima Kim is a South Korean music producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist who’s progressive, contemporary sound has seen him flourish into an exciting and promising young musician. As he begins to make his ascent on the musical world, he has now released his new single, 'VTF'.

An ominous bassline collides with unnerving synths and a sinister vocal sample that implodes into a progressive and intriguing track from the first listen. ‘VTF’ showcases the young producer's provoking and experimental talent whilst being executed in his own signature way. With such quality output and more to come, Sima Kim will be on your radar sooner rather than later.

Listen to 'VTF' exclusively below:


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