Premiere: Sei A – You Can Bring (EP stream)

Young producer burrowing under house shares his new Will Saul-released EP exclusively here.

Sei A is a terrific Scottish house producer who makes music that sounds interred. It’s dance music, surely, certainly, but with a disjointed, abstracted edge. His earlier, brazenly acidic workouts were a welcome departure from the majority of nicely-nicely bass music, without resorting the lazy tropes of so much darkwave techno. But his recent work and remixes have shown a deeper, purer, ghostlier strain to his sound, relying on soft tones with hard edges to convey his unique vision of the night-time, and the his most complete statement yet we are proudly premiering below, his new EP for Will Saul’s new label Simple. Click play, and buy the vinyl from next week if you are so inclined.

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