Premiere: CYMBALS – Like An Animal

Dalston art pop homeboys hit the house hard and live the highlife on their latest track.

CYMBALS are this insanely charming band that make pretty, pure post-punk that is so sincere and unassuming you don’t realise how smart and wild it is, it’s like when your pleasant-enough mate’s mate casually mentions he’s a war correspondent or understands really hard philosophy. We have been fans for years, and this latest track gestures at West African highlife guitars and the sturdy four-fours of funky house, finishing with the sort of epic synth boost that Martin Hannett would be proud of. Do not, in other words, sleep, because as nice guys as they are, they could take you in any way, mental, physical, animal, vegetable, mineral. It’s out on 8th October, pre-orders via Tough Love’s website.

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