Premiere: BTU - Breathe Awesome

Listen exclusively to more mangled horns and amorphous beats from Babe, Terror and U's 'Without Armour' EP.

A couple of days ago we shared SwordBeerFish, a cluttered and captivating cut from Babe, Terror and single-lettered producer U’s forthcoming ‘Without Armour’ release, and now here’s a first listen to Breath Awesome. It’s a similarly shapeshifting collapse of mangled horns, reversed vocal and muddied rhythms – with flickers of tenderness half-forming deep within its depths.

The pair have also shared some intriguing details on the ‘Without Armour’ EP, which end up reading a bit like the outline to a sci-fi plot involving a mysterious tape and a girl from London:

Babe, Terror:
“I lived 6 months in England, years earlier I recorded a tape with sounds in an apartment I used to share with a girl. U meets girl, in London. Girl gives tape. Year after, with a copy of the tape, I made the music, inserting some beats. Years after, U remixed the other tape the girl has given me. We met at Phantasy. We discovered the plots. We went like “whow”. U remixed all the things retransforming everything again (3rd time).”

“I met a girl in London. She took me for a ride in her car on the north circular. There was a tape playing in the car, the tape was old but I liked it. She gave it to me and told me it had a hidden meaning, so I studied it for a long time. I did experiments with the tape but couldn’t find out. Years after, BT reveals the mystery to me.”

Phantasy will release the ‘Without Armour’ EP on the 11th March 2013.