Premiere: Bastien Keb - Pork Belly

Bastien Keb's helmeted, ear covered, faceless man tries to find solace in hanging out solo in the video for Pork Belly.

Bastien Keb is a multi-talented instrumentalist, who alongside jamming and making songs like Pork Belly, also makes a living writing music for TV and film.

A guitarist first and foremost, you’ll hear him play trumpet, bass, drums, flute and more on this debut record 'Drinking In The Shadows of Ziziou', which just so happens to be titled after raging bull (thinking of the headbutt here) footballer Zinedine Zidane (aka Ziziou). A collection of songs to inspire many moods - film noir style, siren smoking from a cigarette holder sexy (Blurs), late night trips (Peardrops) and days lazing by the river (Pork Belly) - Keb ticks quite a few boxes with this one.

The video for Pork Belly is an interesting visual journey, which starts with our protagonist trying to make the best of hanging out alone. Maybe it's his ear-flecked body, his faceless appearance or his porky hands that are putting people off - but in the end he ends up finding company in a dead mouse, which he proceeds to bury. Life just ain't fair sometimes. Gliding alongside the video, the visuals mix up the same feeling as Pork Belly's carefree jamming vocals, meeting the subtle but certain lurk of melancholy heightened by our lonely ear man.

Bastien Keb will be supporting Mo Kolours on November 12th - sign up here.

'Drinking in The Shadows of Zizou' is available now (buy).

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