P Jam - Arizona Skyz VIP

Long anticipated grime instrumental finally gets a release on Terror Danjah's forthcoming compilation.

P Jam’s Arizona Skyz has been floating about in clips and radio rips for a couple of years now, but will finally get a proper release on the upcoming compilation from Terror Danjah’s label Hardrive. Even better than that, it’s a VIP now: further drawing out those wide swooping synths, gnashing bass and rapid-fire drum patterns into an eight minute, two-part new age/grime/electro/junglist breakdown. Grime, so often the music of claustrophobia, rarely sounds this triumphantly big or heady.

As well as this obvious standout, ‘Hardrive Presents Hardwired’ features tracks and remixes from the likes of Swindle, Bok Bok, Teddy Music and Kode9 – all, of course, selected in line with the curator’s taste for the very bright and slightly garish – and is out on the 25th of March. The full tracklist is below under the stream.


01. Terror Danjah – Full Attention (Royal-T Remix)
02. Joker & Terror Danjah – Gully Goon Estate
03. Champion – Lose Control
04. P Jam – Arizona Skyz VIP
05. Swindle – Funktion
06. D.O.K – Cardio
07. Teddy Music – Sambucca
08. D.O.K – Sidedok
09. Zed Bias & Terror Danjah – Iceberg History
10. Kode 9 – Ice
11. Champion – Yardman
12. P Jam – Insomnia
13. Mz Bratt – Selecta (Bok Bok Remix)
14. D.O.K – Golden Eye
15. Swifta Beater – Move
16. D.O.K – Tomorrow Never Dies
17. Lex Envy – Hard Candy
18. Terror Danjah – Zumpi Huntah (Falty DL Refunk)

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