Jeremy Greenspan - Sirius Shake

One half of Junior Boys delivers a random yet addictive electro track for Daphni's Jiaolong imprint.

There’s not really much to Dan Snaith’s Jiaolong imprint, but that doesn’t stop it being one of the most exciting labels around right now. There’s not really any image to it, nor is it leading any one particular sound or scene, and there’s no press structure around its releases so to speak. It’s just good music – really good music – and nothing much more.

Their newest release comes from Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys fame. The A-side is an excellent reworking/collaboration of Laurie Spiegel’s Drums, but the flipside is just as intriguing. Titled Sirius Shake, it’s a bleepy electro track that feels pretty random and noisy but which has a thoroughly addictive groove at the heart of it. Jiaolong’s remit, according to Greenspan’s accompanying explanation on Soundcloud, is “to produce interesting and daring dance music following a wide variety of musical influences and trajectories”, and you can’t really say that Sirius Shake is anything but that.

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