Jacob 2-2 - Milo De Venus

Get carried away by the crackles and glitches in this slice of nostalgia.

Brooklyn-based producer Jacob 2-2 today takes us under his wing and into a world where the only thing that matters is things not mattering. That, at least, is the atmosphere created by his marvellous new song Milo De Venus - a track from his upcoming album 'Herbivore', out 23rd September on Canadian label King Deluxe. From the first few seconds of this track, you're set adrift in a carefree sea, as an old record player crackles whilst childlike synth, sounding almost like a space-age music box, floats around. Distorted, bouncy bass leads a slow-head-bop-inspiring glitch-hop beat, complete with sharp hi-hats and muffled snare. This is the kind of track that conjures up the endless summer holiday we all remember, if only stirred by borrowed nostalgia.

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