Hype Williams - Mitsubishi (Maxmillion Dunbar Remix) [stream]

Maxmillion Dunbar remixed a track from Hype Williams' 'One Nation'. Stream it, and feel the psychedelic darkness right now.

Maryland-based producer Maxmillion Dunbar (also known as one half of Beautiful Swimmers) has remixed Hype Williams’ Mitsubishi from this year’s Hippos In Tanks-released ‘One Nation’, which tops almost every Dummy staff member’s favourite release-of-2011 list so far. Labelled as “dark shit” by Max D, this reinterpretation of Mitsubishi adds a whole new dimension to Hype Williams’ hallucinatory, dark soundscape through its abstract and pulsating synth lines. You should have a listen, and immerse yourself in its depth.

Hype Williams – Mitsubishi (Maxmillion Dunbar Remix) by Maxmillion Dunbar

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Beautiful Swimmers will play their debut live show in London this Friday, alongside Kyle Hall, Funkineven, and Soft Rocks. Tickets can be bought HERE.

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