Dean Blunt & Inga Coupland - ‘Black Is Beautiful’ stream

London-based duo Hype Williams dropped an extraordinary new record. Listen and enjoy to 'Black Is Beautiful' before its release.

Last year, London duo Hype Williams released one of our favourite albums of 2011. Their courageous ‘One Nation’ was a very, very special album filled with their signature lo-fi and homegrown sounds. The duo’s previous productions incorporated hip-hop and 80s references blended together in a truly exclusive and quite unexplainable way.

Their next effort is entitled ‘Black Is Beautiful’ and is due out on Hyperdub next week. It’s a record which is more political than our age should allow, is full of finely tuned takes on dub, jungle and soul and shows that Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland are capable of visionary music that goes beyond human imagination. Stream this wonderfully progressive creation on Resident Advisor before it gets released.

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