Hyetal - Phoenix (Fantastic Mr. Fox remix) [MP3]

Explosive track from Hyetal's album 'Broadcast' gets pared-back and tensed up by Fantastic Mr. Fox. Download the MP3 here.

Hyetal’s Phoenix is an Everest of a song. It sounds gigantic, sparkling synths bursting all over the place like the horizon line unravelling. It’s now been given a make-over by Manchester’s Fantastic Mr. Fox, who applies his stumbling, skittering ways to the track, pairing back and spacing out the sounds, upping the tension, so that the whole thing comes undone with the tight energy of a coiled spring. Masterful work from both, their opposite approaches to composition meets in the middle well, and you can download an MP3 of the results here.

Black Acre released Hyetal’s album ‘Broadcast’ on 9th May 2011

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