Hervé - Save Me (feat. Austra)

Listen to the London producer smoothly change tack for the lead single off new LP 'The Art Of Disappearing'.

If Save Me is anything to go by, London producer Hervé – usually one for hyped-up house and snarling electro – may be throwing out something of a curveball for new album ‘The Art of Disappearing’. Dropping the first-pumping vibes, Canadian singer Austra moulds some gloom-ridden theatrics – swirling around the foreboding, reverberating beat.

If this switch-up hasn’t already propped up your ears, the promise of further album features from the likes of Maria Minerva and Niki & The Dove certainly have us intrigued. Stream it below.

Cheap Thrills will release ‘The Art Of Disappearing’ on 4th March

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