Gatekeeper - Tree Drum (Pre-Gen EXO mix)

Doom techno duo giveaway track from their debut album, along with a custom font that unlocks 'EXO's secrets.

NYC-via-Chicago duo Gatekeeper have always made music that imagines worlds and now, with their forthcoming debut album ‘EXO’, that world is about to come to virtual life thanks to CGI artist Tabor Robak who’s built an immersive video game for the full sensory ‘EXO’ experience. Robak has also created an ‘EXO’ font, which can help decipher some of the mysterious language contained on and within the album. Download the ‘EXO’ font here and wrap your ears around the abrasively lush atmosphere of Tree Drum below.

Hippos In Tanks will release Gatekeeper ‘EXO’ on 17th July 2012

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