Evian Christ introduces Bandshell

The Tri Angle producer on the "rare talent" injecting a little noise and confusion into dance music.

UK producer Bandshell’s arresting way with tone and space has captivated some of dance music’s most eminent ears. Ben UFO’s Hessle Audio put out his debut 12” last summer and now Mute sub-label Liberation Technologies are releasing Bandshell’s ‘Caustic View’ EP on 11th February (listen to Perc below). Tri Angle Records’ Evian Christ, one of Dummy’s favourite producers, explains why you should be excited.

Evian Christ: “Angus’ music can more than speak for itself so I don’t want to clutter this up with a list of adjectives. What I will say is that I think he is a really rare talent. He’ll embarrass you in a conversation about almost anything from the discography of BJM to Waifer instrumentals, then he’ll make a better song than you in Fruity Loops. It will probably be in 7/4, drenched in white noise, and despite the fact that he’s never been to a nightclub, it will still get played everywhere from Berghain to WHP (I don’t really go clubbing, but I know this much because I’ve heard his music in both places).

It’s not even really dance music, but in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where everyone is indulging in minimal techno or house revivalism wankery, I think a bit of noise and confusion is exactly what dance music needs. And I may not be an authority on the subject, but Hessle and Lib Tech don’t tend to get these things wrong. And he’s only fucking 21 – doesn’t that make you feel old?”

Liberation Technologies release Bandshell’s ‘Caustic View’ EP on 11th February 2013.

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