Dynoman – Escape

Introducing the enthralling synth and tabla sounds of the co-founder of Pakistani beat collective Forever South.

Haamid Rahim, better known as Dynoman, is an electronic music producer from Karachi, Pakistan, and the co-founder of the Pakistani beat-led collective Forever South. His track Escape, off his debut album ‘Naubahar’, circles back to the Eastern classics of his heritage and juxtaposes them with a broader Western sound, syncing intricately layered vocal samples, synth washes and tablas to beats. The track creates a vibrant pastiche of ethnic melodies with slivers of sound fused seamlessly into collages of electronica. Pinning down the sound is tricky as Escape brims with spontaneity, achieving multiple unique narratives while sounding anything but derivative.

Dynoman’s album ‘Naubahar’ can be downloaded for free on Forever South’s Bandcamp page.

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