Dutch Uncles - Flexxin

Manchester's finest art pop group share the latest workout from their forthcoming album for Memphis Industries.

North west art pop group Dutch Uncles have shared another cut from their forthcoming new album ‘Out Of Touch In The Wild’, the stringy number Flexxin. “Stringy” implies something being quite stringlike, able to fall apart at any moment, but here we mean in the most literal sense – that it uses string instruments – because Flexxin is actually very muscular, all sturdy drums and robust basslines. Considering the fact that the last track released from the album was built around a xylophone riff, you might wonder which underused instrument will appear on their next song.

Rather wonderfully, you can download the MP3 for mp-free using the widget below.

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Memphis Industries will release the Flexxin single on 28th January and the album ‘Out Of Touch In The Wild’ on January 14th.

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