DJ Cable - Grime 2.0 Minimix

Preview the upcoming grime instrumental compilation from Big Dada.

We’ve already had Rinse’s ‘I Love Grime’, but now Big Dada are stepping into the major chronicle game with ‘Grime 2.0’, a 35-track compilation out on the 6th of May. More a broad overview of the genre today than Rinse’s retrospective collection and solely focused on instrumentals, this release looks to talent across the country and even the world, with entries from Scotland’s Inkke and Japanese producer Prettybwoy alongside the likes of Footsie, Youngstar and Wiley. In a welcome move away from the standard Youtube sampler, here’s a mini-mix made from the compilation’s tracklist (available below) by DJ Cable, who also made a longer prelude mix last year.


Oh My Gosh – Footsie
Dollar Bill – Tre Mission
Rum and Coke – Teeza
Dem Times – Visionist
5000 – Faze Miyake
Logan’s Mind – Chaos & Order
Vinyls VIP – Preditah
Loop 29 – Youngstar
Codeine and Dragon Stout – Chimpo
Bend – DECiBEL
927 – Shy One
L-O-K – Inkke
Shotta Krew – J Beatz
Battery Charge – Matt Shadetek
Nail Thrower – Juzlo
Like A G – Major Grave
Trojan – Darq E Freaker
Winner – Moony
Frosty Lake – Mr SnoWman
Viking – Mr Mitch
Logic Pro – Wiley
Smash It Up Hard – MRK1
Kissin U – Prettybwoy
Numb VIP – Swifta Beater
Space Cowboy VIP – Royal-T
Machine Molester – Stenchman
Arcane – Sinden
Spray – Slackk
Moonlight – Spooky
Tunnel – Starkey
Lazer Riddem – TC4
Desi Bullet – Gumnaam
Emergency – Threnody

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