Darkstar share video for Pin Secure

Scanning pickled onions and scrubbing shitty toilets, Pin Secure is a bleak reflection of everyday life under the Tories.

Watch as Darkstar go undercover at the late-night Koala Mart for the surreal but precise visual accompaniment to Pin Secure, a deep reflection of life toiling away under the Tories; scanning pickled onions, mopping speckled tile floors, cleaning shitty toilets with toothbrushes (and the rest, as you're see as the video draws to a close) whilst some suited, masked creepy bastard watches your every move.

Accompanied by the draining sound of David Cameron's voice, the video was directed by Matthew Halsall as a reflection of the bleak reality of a society manipulated by hated of migrants and 'benefit cheats' rather than the companies tricking us out of millions in tax payments.

Darkstar obviously share the same sentiment and posted this mini statement on Facebook earlier.

Following on from yesterday’s video going live... On a more serious note. This project isn't a knee jerk reaction from...

Posted by Darkstar on Friday, 7 August 2015

Pin Secure is taken from the upcoming album ‘Foam Island’ out on September 25th in the UK and October 2nd globally.

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