Command V - Lost On Me (Optimo remix)

Bush Tetra Cynthia Sley's new band reworked by Glaswegian DJs.

Finding Garageband on a new Mac inspired Cynthia Sley, lead vocalist with New York 1980s no-wave band Bush Tetras, to start making music again.

Together with with Pat Irwin of the B52s and film-maker/musician Rachel Dengiz, she formed Command V. The band combine the cut-and-paste aesthetic of the original New York post-punk scene with sounds and visuals only possible through developments in technology – such as the wide availability of recording software with programmes such as Garageband.

Sley’s vocals on their track Lost on Me are more than a little Moloko, but the track has an understated, unmistakable funk all its own. This remix from Glaswegians and Sub Club dons Optimo is a pure four to the floor dancefloor number with the bassline and vocal samples retaining the original’s irresistible funk.

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