Coma - My Orbit (Dauwd remix)

Kompakt kids Coma get a mellow, unassuming rework by Dauwd.

Kompakt kids Coma first wowed us with pop ditty Hoooooray, so we were always interested in hearing more. My Orbit was released a couple of weeks ago and comes backed with a remix by Dauwd (who recently released his own ‘Heat Division’ EP) which makes us doubly interested in hearing more. Dauwd’s mix is as mellow and unassuming as it comes, but that doesn’t mean it’s background music (or worse yet, “chillout”). Rather, it’s a sneaky tune, trotting along and subtly infiltrating your ears, and before you realise what’s happened it’s wormed itself into your subconscious and you can’t resist the urge to hear that clean bassline just one more time.

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