CFCF - Cometrue (Physical Therapy Deep Forest remix) [MP3]

Physical Therapy has plunged this CFCF tune into the dead of night, with animals, echoes and ominous tones.

From the initial faraway whistles of distant animals to the echoing yelps and cricket-like chirps that gradually chime in, the raw natural sounds that swarm through this Physical Therapy remix of CFCF will transport you to somewhere far from where you’re sitting – namely, a jungle, or a swamp. [ Unless you’re reading this in a jungle, or a swamp – Ed ]

The muted human voice and domination of pops and chirrups make this a lively remix of the gloomy track, despite its apparent night-time setting. The animalistic is allowed to roam wild over the personal elements of the song, and the effect is transformative and ethereal and lovely. Download it for free here.

Thanks, The Fader !

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