!!! - Californiyeah (Main Attrakionz remix)

Oakland cloud rappers meet New York art funksters - a match made in heaven?

New York art funkateers !!! and Oakland cloud rappers Main Attrakionz may not seem like a natural collaboration - we'd go as far as saying that this is a collaboration that nobody asked for - but bear with it and it works, kind of.

It's not a proper team-up, but the rap duo have basically made an appearance on a remix of Californiyeah, a track from !!!'s recent album 'THR!!!ER'. With a song named after Main Attrakionz' home state you're at least in the right spot geographically, and !!!'s crunchy, screwed rhythm makes for a decent backing track. It kind of falls apart after the first chorus, but it's not the awkward combo it could've been.

!!! recently helmed a Dummy Mix - it's short but sweet, and you can hear it here.

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