Burial - ‘Truant/Rough Sleeper’

Tease yourself with previews of the majestic producer's imminent 'Truant/Rough Sleeper' release.

One of 2012’s final surprises came with the news of an unanticipated new Burial release, and with the release now listed on the Hyperdub site, they’re offering an enticing sample of both new works. As the track’s clock in at a combined length of over 25 minutes these really are fleeting previews, but offer immediate insight into the London producer’s next move after carving out new ground on the ‘Kindred’ EP from earlier in the year. The clip to Truant ends with a teasing drop as its rain-splattered beat expands out into a voice murmuring “I fell in love with you”, and Rough Sleeper looks set to include a familiarly heart-breaking 2-step shuffle. Roll on Monday.

Head to the Hyperdub site to hear the previews.

Hyperdub will release ‘Truant/Rough Sleeper’ on the 17th December

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