Bebetunes (James Ferraro) – Inhale C-4 $$$$$$$$$ mixtape

LA underground superstar James Ferraro's hyper-capitalist satires-through-sound continue with the release of his first mixtape under the name Bebetunes.

Ariel Pink contemporary and prolific underground musician James Ferraro revealed himself to be our generation’s Andy Warhol this year. With the release of ‘Far Side Virtual’ – one of our favourite albums of the year, fact fans – he composed a hugely enjoyable symphony of iPhone squeaks and advertorial jingles that satirised with perfect ambivalence our historical moment.

Bebetunes is the name of his new project, and the wonderfully titled ‘Inhale C-4 $$$$$$$$$’ may well be the nuttiest thing James Ferraro has ever made. Considering his last london date consited of a gang of musicians in pleather shredding air guitars and spraying pink hairspray for 45 minutes, this is, honestly, saying a lot.

Featuring covers and mash-ups (remember those?) of Gang Gang Dance, Pusha T, autotuned dreams and digital vistas, it sounds like zipping through the information vortex at full-Mg broadband speed. It’s fitting that our Andy Warhol releases his art through Mediafire, and you can stream the album below.

Bebetunes – Inhale C-4 $$$$$$$$ by DummyMag

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