Azealia Banks – Jumanji (prod Hudson Mohawke)

Worlds come together as Hudson Mohawke produces Azealia Banks's next statement of intent.

One thing we’ve noticed is that the content that we post even ten minutes after everyone else is not really worth our time. If there’s a video or a song or a news-piece that the other music websites in our world write about, to be frank, we can ignore it. It’s a nice little push, actually – it makes you find new ways of covering big artists, cover new artists more and avoid re-blogging every last hiccup in Lana Del Rey’s life.

Anyway, for these reasons, I was in two minds about posting this song. It’s already received over 15,000 plays on Soundcloud in less than two hours, and it’s almost certainly everywhere else online. Then, I realised that it’s really interesting that Hudson Mohawke, with Nick Hook, is turning out hyper-tensile alien rap instrumentals and that Azealia Banks has one of the fiercest, most hilariously show-offy flows in ever, and it’s obnoxious to be motivated by anything else. Basically Jumanji is a total jam and that’s why you’re reading this.

Azealia Banks will release an EP called ‘1991’ this month and a mixtape called ‘Fantastic’ over the summer

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