Arca –「Self Defense」

Arca's new song demonstrates the return of the platinum outsider to the New York dancefloor.

UNO NYC is this New York label that has been getting a lot of heat in recent months, thanks to the release of several sterling examples of genre-bending shimmers that sound super odd when you’re sitting at a laptop, yet perfect when you’re up in the dance.

The latest is Arca’s 「Self Defense」. He’s a Venezuela-born producer that’s released a few free bits for free and makes super-disorientating, super-minimal rap music. It recalls of a few producers from London’s great dance explosion – the genuine outliers like Actress, Jam City and Zomby rather than the landfill Ollys and Dans that cover the scene – in its ability to conceive of sound artfully and explore tension, colour and abstraction while still remaining body-orientated. But to get a real sense of where this music comes from, I think you have to go back to Ze Records for a time when dance was this alive with the joy of creating music so artful, experimental, muli-cultural and all-embracing. You should absolutely listen to this, in other words.

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