New vinyl-only mix from Fort Romeau

100% Silk's best British boy mixes a future-facing set of Chicago house.

Here’s a new, vinyl-only mix from 100% Silk’s Fort Romeau. It comes a few months behind his debut album, Kingdoms, which pulled off the balancing act of openly wearing its Chicago influences without, at any point, falling into two-dimensional revivalism. On the album, classic Chicago vocals met waves of glowing, crystal-aligned sounds and sharper R&B style vocal snippets. His sound is fresh, warm, confident – and contemporary.

And here, in this inviting mix of just thirty minutes, plenty more of that atmospheric blend. From meandering, conversational vocals, arpeggiated synths, shimmering swathes of new-age house and irresitible classic basslines, this short but sweet mix will pull you in and drag you under. Don’t fight it.

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