10 songs of wonderful nonsense, according to Mark Pritchard

The Warp veteran picks out 10 bizarros and curios from the depths of pop history.

Veteran experimental producer Mark Pritchard has had a new burst of creative energy recently. Having decided to give up all of his aliases - and there are many, including Harmonic 313, Troubleman and Link - in order to consolidate all future releases under his own name, regardless of style, he's put out a couple of new EPs through frequent home Warp Records. The most recent, 'Make A Livin', was released on Monday (November 11th), and to celebrate he's gone on a trawl through Youtube for Dummy, picking out 10 tracks under the name "Wonderful Nonsense and Other Oddness." The selections do exactly what they set out to do - they're weird, eccentric, very funny, and with a very absurd sense of humour.

  1. Barnes & Barnes - Fish Heads
    Mark Pritchard: "The song starts at 2:18. Fish don't play drums."
  2. Robert Wyatt - Pigs... (In There)
    Mark Pritchard: "Someone played this on a tour bus back in the early '90s, and it took me years to find out who did it. 'Who did that song about pigs? It goes "Pigs in there..."', I used to ask. 'Ummmmmmm… no idea mate.'"
  3. Ivor Cutler & Neil Ardley - The Dong With The Luminous Noise
    Mark Pritchard: "I have a few albums by Neil Ardley. Interesting UK jazz guy. This is Ivor Cutler doing one of my favourite Edward Lear poems. When I saw it, I thought, 'This is too good to be true.'  Another one from Ivor that I love is Doughnut In My Hand - good effort on that video as well."
  4. Chris Morris & Peter Cook - 'Why Bother?'
    Mark Pritchard: "Two absolute dons of UK satirical comedy. I'm totally obsessed with Peter Cook; I think I have pretty much everything he did, bar maybe some of the Not Only But Also series that the BBC wiped!"
  5. Raymond Scott (Narrated by Jim Henson) - Limbo: The Organised Mind
    Mark Pritchard: "Raymond Scott's amazing science, and Muppets creator Jim Henson."
  6. Spike Milligan - Q5 Theme
    Mark Pritchard: "The buzzer timing is incredible. This was produced by George Martin."
  7. Mort Garson - The Wozard Of Iz
    Mark Pritchard: "Great album, that, I recommend all of his albums if you like weird synth music. He even made an album of music for plants - 'Mother Earth's Plantasia.'"
  8. Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange - Colours
    Mark Pritchard: "From the 'Inventions For Radio' series, which someone needs to reissue, please. Also, almost 50 years ago they did one on being an atheist."
  9. Moondog - Enough About Human Rights
    Mark Pritchard: "Not sure about flea rights, though."
  10. Fingerbobs - 'Original TV Music'
    Mark Pritchard: "Issued by the amazing Trunk Records. Tapping into my childhood nostalgia, yes, but the music has a wonderful quality to it."

Warp Records released the 'Make A Livin' EP on November 11th 2013.

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