The 10 best music collaborations of all time, according to Joe Hertz

The emerging UK producer chooses 10 occasions when artists came together and produced magic.

Joe Hertz

Brixton native Joe Hertz has a penchant music for electronic music with soul. Fusing nostalgic R&B with icy synths and drum patterns with a sprinkle of drum & bass sensibilities, he has been building a strong reputation for over a year, initally gaining buzz after his How I Feel EP. He is now back with a new single, the Jamie Isaac-assisted 'One Another', an ethereal, tender ballad. Collaboration is something Joe is used to, a vital cog in the music making machine that can produce untold levels of greatness. He was kind enough to break down some of his favourite muscial collaborations below.

David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti - 'Twin Peaks Theme'

Joe: "Massive David lynch fan. You gotta appreciate the way he's involved with the music/sound design as a film director."


The Rolling Stones & Merry Clayton - 'Gimme Shelter'

"The collab here being with Merry Clayton. The vocals she put on the track bring it to another level. I wish I could live in 1969."


Nujabes & Shing02 - 'Battlecry'

"Japanese hip-hop is too sick. Nujabes was basically the Japanese Dilla. Any of his beats are like medicine for me."


Wyclef Jean, Pras & Lauren Hill - 'Fu-Gee-La'

"The Score was one of the top albums of all time. I just remember it being played all the time at home when I was a kid."


Damian Marley & Nas - 'Road To Zion'

"For when you're walking the streets at night."


Frankie Knuckles & Adrienne Jett - 'Your Love'


"I appreciate this song more and more as time goes by. Analog Heaven."


Nate Dogg & Warren G - 'Regulate'

"The sample is gold, the story telling is gold."


Redman, Method Man & Toni Braxton - 'How High'

"Serious memories. Probably the best movie ever."

Listen to Joe's new single, 'One Another,' below.


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