Dummy Mix 549 // Xzavier Stone

Occupying the same musical space as artists like Sega Bodega, Sinjin Hawke and Martyn Bootyspoon, Switzerland DJ/producer Xzavier Stone has a knack for polishing underground club sounds until they gleam.

Following a slot on Fractal Fantasy’s ‘Visceral Minds 2’ compilation in 2017, the Zurich-based artist’s 11-track debut album ‘Thirst’ arrived last year on the label – tapping into dancefloor-minded R&B, dancehall and bass-driven sounds. Lead single ‘Give Me Sum’ took slow-slung beatwork to new heights, with a pitched-down vocal that begged for club play.

Chopping up euphoric rap edits with crystalline melodies, Xzavier Stone’s Dummy Mix is what the club should sound like in 2019: a heady blend of sugar-rush melodies in the slickest of stylings.

The Miracles – Give Me Just Another Day
Noreaga – Superthug (Xzavier Stone Edit)
Ssaliva – Slender
Mechatok vs. 03 Greedo/Shoreline Mafia – 12 Years x Trap House (Xzavier Stone Blend)
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – God
Makala – Youjizz
Modulaw – Inhale Exhale
Solange – Almeda (Xzavier Stone & Modulaw Bootleg)
Scratcha DVA – Pink22
Asian Doll & Lil Yachty – Kit Kat
L-Vis 1990 & Sinjin Hawke – The Pit (Boomclap Edit)
Jacquees – Play The Field
DJ K-Duecez – T-Shirt & Panties (feat. Kuddie J)
Scratcha DVA & G3 & Rae Rae & Jammz & Clara La San – VIDEO FXX
Canblaster – Triple Ring
SahBabii – Sunny Days (feat. T3)
TEXTASY – Dripped Up and Graped Out (Lil Keke X DJ $outhbound X KSETDEX)
Ian Isiah – Bedroom
Xzavier Stone & Tre Oh Fie – ???
Toshiro Masuda – Fake

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 548 // Joe Hertz

Brixton-based DJ/producer Joe Hertz is in the business of fusing earworm R&B melodies with hyper-textural production. Having DJed since the age of 15, Joe has music in his blood – he’s the son of Pete Tong, but has made a name for himself over the course of a few years in the industry without needing to reference that family connection.

Previously elusive, Hertz has come to collaborate with some select talent, including Amber-Simone, and earlier this year dropped his ‘Møøn’ single with Nonô. Currently working on an album, Joe has recently come off a tour around Asia, and has taken a moment out of knuckling down for the LP to record the latest Dummy Mix.

A blend of midnight-hued, jazzy sounds, Joe’s mix is an eclectic one – and definitely one to crack on in the early hours. “This mix is for those nights when you have too much on your mind and you just wish you could escape to a place you’ve been dreaming of,” Joe says. “Some songs that have lifted me from the haze and the struggles of living in a big city. Stay positive, keep your head up…”

Boy Dude – Cosmic Lines
Joe Hertz – One Another ft. Jamie Isaac
Crayon – After The Tone (Dune Remix)
Rihanna – Rude Boy (Jarreau Vandal Remix)
Terrace – Intensions ft. Chachi
Monte Booker – Interstellar (House Mix)
KAASI – Remember When
snctm. & jamesjamesjames – omokage
park hye jin – ABC
Audio Dope – Nighthawk
Joe Hertz – Some Time

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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Dummy Mix 547 // DJ Haram

DJ Haram’s mixes and productions are typically off-piste in the best way possible: a fierce blend of sonics from the Middle Eastern sounds of her heritage all the way through to Jersey club. From her noise band 700 Bliss with Moor Mother, to her own fired-up productions, she’s someone who’s consistently pushing things forward musically.

She’s just been playing out in Egypt and is involved in a forthcoming ‘Cairo Concepts’ compilation, that scoops together dance, bass, tambourine and autotune-soaked sounds of Mahraganat and club artists – where the Discwoman affiliate, producer and DJ has contributed ‘Blessed’ (which you can check out exclusively in her mix below).

“This mix is a reminder to embrace evolution, influenced by my recent residency in Cairo and themes from a couple of my forthcoming EPs,” DJ Haram says. “My musical journey inspires me to centre learning in all of life. These sounds are tried wisdom and fresh lessons.”

Ever-forward-thinking, DJ Haram’s Dummy Mix spins some of the freshest iterations of club music as well as those from further-flung climes – and it’ll leave you clutching your jaw.

haram – bass dummy
lunamariposa – high and low
haram – unreleased
haram – blessed
abosahar – ro3b
700 bliss – unreleased (instrumental)
get a lick – ase manual
8ULENTINA – doesnt always work
SCRATCHCLART – influencer
orion sun x haram – paranoia
UTU1 – international funds transfer
born in flamez – talking to the white noise (quest?onmarc remix)
billie eilish – IDWBYA (Traps n Trees x Sircasm Jersey Club remix)
BOOTYCHAAAIN – buttercup
sjayy – UP!
lotic – heart (ft. moro)
dj swisha – reconstructed club
drummer b x bashar suleiman – gizit

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 546 // Noga Erez

Tel Aviv-based singer, songwriter and composer Noga Erez blew us away with 2017 album ‘Off The Radar’ and its disjointed, politically-infused pop. Holding experimentalism at the core of everything she does, she recently reimagined that LP into ‘RADAR Reworked’ using her native country’s Camerata Orchestra, reaching into the space between contemporary and classical.

We invited the renegade Israeli artist to helm the latest Dummy Mix, where she’s scooped together a sharply-curated blend of hip-hop and thumping electronics,  playing like a mixtape of some of the most exciting and forward-thinking music going.

Press play below, and find the tracklist after the jump.

Little Simz – Boss
Teo – Americano
Ari Lannox ft. J Cole – Shea butter baby
J.I.D – Of da Zoinkys
Billie Eilish – bury a friend
H.E.R – Losing
Leikeli47 – Tic Boom
Samm Henshaw – Church
Noname – Ace
Pell – chripin
SiR – DEvils
Teyana Taylor – Hurry ft. Kanye West
Tierra Whack – Hungry Hippo
Leikeli47 – Girl Blunt
Chynna – iddd
A$AP Rocky x Tyler, The Creator – Potato Salad
Sammus – 1080p
James Blake – Where’s The Catch
Thundercat – Them Changes

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Noga Erez’s ‘RADAR Reworked’ is out now on City Slang.

Dummy Mix 545 // Know V.A.

Amsterdam-based production duo Know V.A. are in the business of fashioning dystopian club sounds, stripping back the brutalism of harder electronic genres to find the fragility at the heart of these sounds. The Red Light Radio mainstays have an economical but hugely exciting back catalogue, becoming a favourite with DJs who spin club sounds at their most futuristic.

Inspired by hard dance and Dutch early gabber, forthcoming six-track release ‘Strange Days’ is set to drop on Finnish label Signal Life, and touches on the current global political climate, according to the pair. Going by the same name as their series of ‘Strange Days’ club nights in Amsterdam that showcase contemporary hardcore with cutting edge sonics underpinned by an impending sense of doom.

“With this mix we explored the sonic world of ‘Strange Days’, using our upcoming release as the backbone,” they say. “It’s filled with all that inspired us, from the music that was around when we were younger and more recent stuff that has caught our ears. This will give you a good idea on what you’ll hear when you’re stuck with us for an evening.”

Drawing for some bullet-riddled Dutch hardcore, Korn remixes and concluding with an Angerfist track, Know V.A.’s Dummy Mix is an example of boundary-pushing experimentalism done right. Press play below, and peep the tracklist after the jump.

DJ Jappo and Lancinhouse – Exlxaxl (Neophyte and Evil Activities RMX)
Know V.A. – Ellende
Ekman – كيمياء 
IVVVO – Last Days
Jigga – Misyomu
Monotronique – Bounce Yo Head
Lokane – Eastway Project
Kurama – Tendre Promesse
Kingdom – Stalker Ha
Aqxdm – Ballad-1
Know V.A. – Citizens
Know V.A. – Til the sun rises
Casimir – Layer Two
Gil Scott Heron and Jamie xx – NY Is Killing Me (Know V.A. edit)
Ghost in the Machine – King Dead
Know V.A. – Endtime (Rave Mix)
Kinky Boys – Gunshot
Clouds – Sharp Like A Razor
Know V.A. – Purity
Know V.A. – Opus 1
T.M.F. – Atlantix
Scratcha DVA x Gage – FLYTNURSE
Know V.A. – Lucy
Rabit – Double Dragon (Logos Remix)
Know V.A. – Undone ft. LYZZA
Ruthless and Vorwerk – I Feel Like Dancing
ssaliva – ever since
Knut Vanderkerkhove – BBB
Vitamin – Muffin’ in Mokum
Cyborg Unknown – Return of the Cyborg Unknown
The Mover & Rave Creator – Atmos-Fear
Korn – Falling Away From Me (knowva tool)
blastah – 666 Riddim
Know V.A. – Obvi ft. YAYOYANOH
Kelman Duran – just jump off
Lenny Dee – The Dreamer
Angerfist – Gas met die Zooi

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Know V.A.’s ‘Strange Days’ will be released by Signal Life later this month.

Dummy Mix 544 // Swan Meat

Currently based in Cologne, Germany, but hailing from Washington D.C., Reba Fay is Swan Meat – poet, audio engineer and producer, among other talents.

Newly-announced as a Rinse FM resident, she’s also dropped tracks on Bala Club and PERMALINK – her latest being ‘Throat‘.

Taking the wheel for the latest Dummy Mix, she told us: “Though it’s hard to say this without sounding a bit, I dunno, cringe, when I compose and subsequently produce music my workflow is narrative rather than modular; i.e. I can’t work with loops or write from a foundation-of-repetition, though I know I’m supposed to and should. Wait, there’s an easier way to say this: I get bored easily!

“Maybe it’s because I’m also a writer, but when I make music I always find myself making these big, fantastical sonic-narrative-what-have-you leaps, ‘cuz why can’t one song actually be five, ten, 1000? Anyway I sort of did the same thing with this mix – it’s the soundtrack to some sort of demented adventure, maybe: I’m wearing a gigantic raccoon suit (idk how it’s on, though) and I’m trapped in this haunted house in the basement of a hotel in Las Vegas, running through all these rooms trying to escape. The light at the end of the nightmare is my music.”

She continues: “This mix skates from genre to genre with lots of fast cuts and mixing, and features quite a bit of music I like to play when I’m DJing live (or on my Rinse show) as well as my own stuff. It starts out hyperactive circa 170BPM and sort of starts breaking down, deteriorating with the entrance of this Children of Bodom track through ’til the end.”

A super-fast blend of trance, drum ‘n’ bass, heavy metal, video game dialogues and poetry readings, Swan Meat’s Dummy Mix is a wild ride.

Swan Meat – Tearz Intro
Anne Sexton – Wanting To Die
Nier OST – Shadowlord
Humanon & Instinkt – Mindbender
Krampf – Should We Accept Trance
S3RL – Click Bait
??? – ???
Svengali – F This
Distributor – Discover The Mind
Hypoxic – You Are Not Alone
Eaves – Wound
American McGee’s Alice OST – Pool of Tears
Silent Hill 2 Dialogue
Lucia Dlugoszewski – Disparate Stairway Radical Other
Secret of Evermore OST – Ambience
Conical Brazers – Crazy
Dead Can Dance – Saltarello
CYPHR – A Constant Desire To Consume
Gaika – GKZ (Purpurrpurple edit)
Children of Bodom – Touch Like Angel of Death
Black Out – Vendetta
György Ligeti – Musica Ricercata
GYUR – Torch
Paula Temple & Eomac – Kralle
CazDal – Haunted
Demon’s Crest OST – Beyond the Colosseum
Swan Meat – Throat
Swan Meat – Lisp
Doki Doki Literature Club! OST – My Feelings
Filmy Ghost & Yikii – Ocean of Nightmares

Swan Meat’s ‘Throat’ is out now – find it on Bandcamp.

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 543 // Scintii

As part of a blossoming pan-Asian scene mining the areas of experimental club sounds, Taiwanese producer Stella Chung aka Scintii is pushing the boundaries. Growing up in Taipei, her time spent living in London (and attending Goldsmith’s) put her onto experimental club sounds, and it was there, influenced by free-wheeling collectives like Bala Club, that she recorded her first EP, ‘Mica’.

Having moved to Shanghai in 2017, she dropped the EP on Eternal Dragonz, and has since released on Shanghai labels like cult imprint SVBKVLT and Genome 6.66MBP. Inspired by pop as much as experimental electronics, Scintii’s productions tend to chop up and piece together crystalline sounds (including her own voice) to fashion ethereal and futuristic sonics.

Bass-heavy and exploratory, Scintii mixes “mostly tracks I don’t get to play in clubs but love,” she says. “A lot of old(ish) favourites.” Press play on her mix, and check the tracklist after the jump.

Cuushe – Daze (Palmistry Remix)
Xao – Lab Wave Struccy
Primitive Art – Sequrity
Charity – Pao Mo
Toxe – Honey Island
Embaci – Hymnal Pine Heart
Sega Bodega – Stalker
Swimful – Lonely God (Downstate Remix)
Triad God – Bland Day Tumm My Tung Joe Ter Ruler
Ana Caprix – Swan Couture
Samaris – Kaelan Mikla
Scintii – Papier (v1984 Remix)

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 542 // Chippy Nonstop

Toronto-based Chippy Nonstop has many strings to her bow. A DJ, artist, rapper, writer, producer, activist and organiser of community events, Chhavi Nanda is at the forefront of championing diversity and inclusivity in music.

She’s recently been working on ‘Intersessions’, a project curated by and for women and the LGBTQ+ community, striving for balanced representation in music through a series of workshops – while on the production front she promises new music coming with DJ PayPal, DJ Taye, Boy Pussy, as well as a solo project of her own.

Describing herself as a “cultural nomad”, Chippy was born in Dubai, raised in Zambia, and has lived in LA, Oakland, New York, while she currently lives in Toronto after she was famously deported.

Her mix is as much of a melting pot of influences as she is – packed with jungle flips of Bollywood tracks, breakneck speed amen cuts and UK funky Spice Girls blends, it’s a rave-hearted madness.

“Approach mix with caution,” she says of her Dummy Mix, “be mentally and emotionally prepared for an audio cyclone.”

Khayyam – Noorie (Chippy Nonstop Flip)
Serani – No Games (Kenny Ken VIP)
Debby Friday – La Posesyon
Nguzunguzu – Unfold (Munchi Likes Excessive Amount)
Zakmatic – Containment
Total Freedom – Chino Amobi & Natasha Bedingfield
mobilegirl – Novi
Da Posse – In The Heat of The Night
A. R. Rahman – Sarsariya (Ikonika Refix)
Princess Di – Who’s Dick Is This? (Astronomar Remix)
Spice Girls – Wannabe (Retina Set Remix)
Ariel Zetina – House with Paula
Ice Boi – Bullet Anthem (Drum Edit)
Sweyn Jupiter ft. Ikonika – Sweyn Flu (quest?onmarc’s Banji Bootleg)
Tygapaw – Bag Juice
Imaabs – Osmosis
N.C.T. – Xperiment // Gijensu (Nahshi Blend)
Imaabs – Osmosis
LSDXOXO – Inertia
DJ N.K – Ghetto Sound of Lisbon (ft. DJ Marfox)
Kelvin T – My Pystrance Neck my Pystrance Back

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Photo credit: Dylan Mitro

Dummy Mix 541 // Elkka

Co-head of femme culture (the label/collective we selected as our best of 2018), Elkka is at the forefront of championing inclusivity for women in music. Responsible for some free-wheeling, forward-thinking music (check her recent ‘Full Circle‘ EP) Elkka started crafting music at the age of eight on a toy keyboard, while her multitude of talents now include singing, label running, party starting, and basically just being a boss.

Add to that the fact that she’s also a gifted selector, and she’s currently enjoying a healthy run of worldwide bookings – while her own events as femme culture often promote important causes, such as supporting the fight for abortion rights in Northern Ireland. As we all know, partying for a good cause feels even sweeter.

“This is probably a somewhat heavier mix than my usual,” Elkka says, “but I have been recently really inspired by a few life-changing raves, particularly on my recent trip to Brazil where I became enveloped in the most incredible house, techno and vogue party in a warehouse in São Paulo. There are also a few classics thrown in there which still have a huge impact on me and I get a kick out of playing them out, plus a few forthcoming tracks I am working on!”

Visible Cloaks, Motion Graphics – Terrazzo
Lone – Blue Moon Tree
Elkka – ???
Jona – Altiplano
Elkka – ???
Tessela – With Patsy
Underworld – Two Months Off
DJ Deep – Stressed
Endian – Finish Me
Stephen Brown – Byte 3
2562 – Morvern
Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Elkka – ???
Africa Hitech – Out In The Streets (Elkka Bootleg)
DJ Paypal – I’m Ready
Forest Drive West – Cut And Run
Jean-Luc Ponty – Computer Incantations For World Peace

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 540 // Jossy Mitsu

Hailing from Birmingham, Jossy Mitsu first got into DJing through a love affair with garage and house at a time when those two genres were blurring, becoming an avid collector of music ever since. Now based in London, the Rinse FM resident is best known for her twisted take on leftfield club music as well as her ongoing Valentines garage mix series, and she regularly crops up at forward-thinking London clubnights (as well as on that Boiler Room session recently).

With one eye focused on rave nostalgia and the other firmly on the freshest new club sounds, Jossy’s mixes span UKG, jungle, footwork, funky and everything in between. Now a staple on the airwaves, she spent 2018 supporting Mall Grab on tour among other endeavours, and is set to play the Brighton leg of Amy Becker’s Acrylic club tour this week.

Rifling through the freshest iterations of the many faces of UK bass, Jossy’s Dummy Mix is a further demonstration of her keen ear for killer club sounds – made even more impressive by the fact that she recorded it on two hours sleep… Listen below.

Lava Dome – Pulse Eh
Pearson Sound – Earwig
Equiss – Ikonika x New Mem Edit
Impey – ? (Forthcoming Ghost Notes)
Mr. Mitch – Phantom Dance
Simkin – System
Equiss – ? (Unreleased)
Tommy Genesis – Play With It (Jubilee Remix) (Forthcoming)
Chunky – Hardrive Refix (Unreleased)
Ribz & Joe Wyt – Stone Cold (Unreleased)
Djrum – Plead With Me
Untold – Come Follow Me
Martyn – Everything Is New
Radio Slave, SRVD, Patrick Mason – Nasty
LSDXOXO – Inertia
Jordon Alexander – ? (Unreleased)
Impey – ? (Forthcoming Ghost Notes)
FaltyDL – Ill Bent (Benny Ill Straight Up Ill Mix) (Forthcoming Blueberry Records)
Warlock – Work Dat Shit (Forthcoming We Buy Gold)
Skream – Phatty Drummer (Yazzus 160 Mix)
G3 – Finish Line (DJs Special)
Fatima – Movie (Breaka Bootleg)
Nowt – Hoover1 B
Chrissy – Call On Me
Coco Bryce – Irian Jaya (Forthcoming)

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Jossy joins Amy Becker and A.G. at the Brighton leg of the Acrylic club tour this Friday March 8th – find tickets here.

Dummy Mix 539 // Neana

Through a string of Night Slugs releases and that of his ex-label, the now-defunct Gang Fatale, Neana has built a name for himself as someone continually challenging club conventions. The Manchester-based producer’s own productions push the boundaries yet keep things very much moving on the ‘floor.

Having put out his ‘Renegade Lakes‘ EP this month – his last since releasing his ‘Evaser’ EP on Night Slugs, he’s been prolific throughout 2018 and beyond, dropping ‘Private Joke‘ amongst other singles.

Contributing an overwhelmingly (and highly welcomed) self-produced hour of music, Neana’s Dummy Mix is a mesmeric showcase of his sound, spanning aquatic club flavours, jersey bounce and pointillist drums. Tune in now – and peep the tracklist after the jump.

Neana – Bitter on the Lips
Polonis – Ultimate Survivor
DOK – Warning (MJK chop)
Neana – Soirée
Neana – Plausible Deniability
Neana & Quest?on Marc – Skrt Rock
Fatima Al Qadiri – Alkahaf ft Bobo Secret & Lama3an
Neana & DJ J Heat – Rain (Beatdrips)
Neana – Copters
Kieran Loftus – Cheerzies (My Dearzies)
Neana – Memo Reco
Twinkletoes Mizrahi – Fembot Ha
Neana – Delta Step
Neana & DJ Florentino – Beach Oil
Bryte – Da Ting (prod Neana on the Trak)
Zaza Twins – Coupé-Décalé October 2008
Helix – Beat I Made in Miami edit
Neana – TYCO69
Vjuan Allure – Fashionistas (edit)
Neana – Terror Danjah Beats
Neana & Byrell The Great – Bring It
Neana – E-Glitter
Vjuan Allure – Runway Diva / The Elite Rerun (Neana RMX)
Neana & Leonce – Immanence
Neana – Masquerade Mat
Lechuga Zafiro – Agua y Puerta
Neana – The Approach
Neana – Betise Spears (Dub)

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Neana’s ‘Renegade Lakes’ EP is out now on limited edition USB, digital and print.

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Dummy Mix 538 // Nico Adomako

Berlin has long enjoyed a healthy club scene, and Nico Adomako is at the forefront of it. A DJ, curator and co-founder of multi-disciplinary platform EINHUNDERT, his sound spans club and bass music, R&B and dancehall, keeping rhythm and melody central to everything he spins.

Manoeuvring around both the German capital in spots like Berghain as well as playing out in far-reaching corners of the globe, Nico has selected alongside the likes of Fade To Mind, Laurel Halo and DJ Lag, and on platforms like NTS and Berlin Community Radio. His heart-racing Dummy Mix taps into the kinds of experimental club sounds that can be found churning out of soundsystems worldwide, while exploring a deeper, personal meaning.

“This cassette-themed mix is an exploration of the anger, fears and dreams that I encounter through my day to day as a black person,” Nico says. “I translate these experiences into club music with the hope of liberating myself and others.”

Scratcha DVA – Traxman
Mountain – DR3AM
TSVI x Banshee – High Aziza (Callosum Edit)
Ikonika x L-Vis 1990 – Beach Lake (Fisky Bootleg)
L-Vis 1990 – Ballad 4D (Sylvere Edit)
Kingdom – Ryde Of Your Lyfe
LSDXOXO – IndustrySexxxxxSlave
Rihanna x Sza – Consideration (LSDXOXO Sister Edit)
She’s Drunk – Dancing Doubts
Neana On The Trak – The Approach
Sugur Shane – Buddha Vs. Sugur (Get Face Edit)
Byrell The Great – Wild, FTN
Jam City – The Raven (Air DJ ‘Dale’ Dub)
Tygapaw – Whitney Wid Di Outta Sight Cunt Juice
Deontay Wilder – Intro
Banshee – Cold World Part 3
Dj JM – KZ
Goro – Drag Whistle Tool
Metro Boomin – Borrowed Love (Instrumental)
Dinamarca – Nena
Kelela – Blue Light (Hitmakerchinx Remix)
Tj Records – Show Off Riddim
Kelman Duran – Highs Love
Epic B – Achilles
Diboss x Ikonika – Inah Line (Instrumental)
Popcaan – Left My Gun
Merca Bae x Followback – Soft Hammer
Jeremih – Neither Do I (Ausschuss Edit)
Scratcha DVA – Secure The Uber

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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